About STS

STS is a corporation headquartered in Santa Clara, CA focused on Product and Test Engineering solutions for the electronics industry.

Our Mission: To provide flexible world-class engineering resources and seasoned project management expertise from product design kick-off through end-of-life, to accelerate complex time-to-market, cost reduction, quality improvement, and supply chain management projects across the globe.

Our Strategy: To ensure rapid, successful product execution through adding highly experienced multidisciplinary engineering and operations talent as a scalable enhancement to our clients' team.

We Enhance:

STS enhances your internal team with a full range of possible engagements, from consultation to hardware/software turnkey solutions.  We can offload burdensome cost reduction and logistical tasks from your development team, or provide cost effective development bandwidth to reduce time-to-market.

We serve all business models of the electronics industry, including integrated device manufacturers, fabless companies, ATE vendors, backend test and assembly houses, and design IP firms. We provide these services at all phases of the product life cycle, from design kickoff through end-of-life.

We Deliver:

STS engagements allow you to access technically excellent engineering and cutting edge solutions with a cost model based on known deliverables instead of assumed effort. We give you access to seasoned resources with experience in the industry's most challenging product ramps at leading semiconductor companies. Our senior staff evaluates, plans, and project-manages each engagement  to provide a realistic assessment , efficient execution, and on-time delivery.

We Solve:

Our team is multidisciplinary, spanning wafer processing, device engineering, yield improvement, data mining, statistical analysis, process control, reliability physics, product characterization, and IP design as well as test and product engineering. This breadth allows far more efficient communication and problem-solving than one-trick-pony firms that merely provide test engineering services. As a result, our ability to plan, execute, and deliver on-time provides our clients with an unparalleled advantage.


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