Engineering Crisis Leadership

STS will intervene or assist your team in crises like lines down with our broadly experienced staff to bring an speedy, organized, and disciplined end to the problem. We know the questions to ask, the tools to use, the flow to follow, and how to communicate effectively.

Key Milestones
  • Common formats (QC Story, 8D, Scientific Method, add from web)
  • Problem Statement Alignment
  • Facts Alignment
  • Multi-Discipline Team Formation, Membership and Leadership
  • Proprietary problem solving and debug templates and work flows
  • Theory development and evaluation
  • Containment Actions (Screen development, etc…)
  • Root Cause identification
  • Pro-Active Corrective action – Design, Test, Characterization, Manufacturing release and and Customer acceptance methodologies
  • Summary results archival
Example Problems
  • IP, Product and Test Debug
  • End Customer Quality and Reliability Field returns
  • Yield improvement
  • Product Cost Improvement
  • Product & Process Corners Analysis
  • Supply Chain Disruption (Line Down, Capacity optimization, Lead time Cycle time optimization)





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