On-site Qualification Execution and Reporting

STS will plan, coordinate, and execute your product qualifications to meet increasingly tight time-to-market and product life cycle requirements. Our highly experienced multi-discipline team will quickly analyze, feed back, and help solve any problems along the way.

Key Milestones
  • Environment stress and electrical characterization Qual Plan development
  • Pre-Qual Test Metrics review and correlation unit preparation (Spec compliance, FPY, Test Yield, GRR, OEE, OEU, CP, CPK, QALA, Customer Returns etc.)
  • Test Software and Hardware development and procurement
  • Baseline, Evaluation and control material Qual execution to schedule
  • Volume production verification review (FPY, Test Yield, GRR, OEE, OEU, CP, CPK, QALA etc.)
  • Summary results archival
Worldwide Coverage
  • US, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan
  • Numerous IDMís
  • Any region
Test Methods
  • Digital, Analog, Mixed Signal





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