Test Site-to-Site Transfers

STS will transfer, validate, and qualify your product test environment from any location to any other location.

Key Milestones
  • Onsite Test hardware design documentation verification for re-order and best practices.
  • Compatibility checks for Test Program, Tester hardware/software revisions, Integration software, handler/prober, test data transfer and lot control.
  • Process Control Cross-Site Audits
  • Test Metrics review for optimization opportunity (FPY, Test Yield, GRR, OEE, OEU, CP, CPK, QALA etc.)
  • Pre-transfer GRR and correlation units preparation (Goods and Rejects)
  • Manufacturing Spec & traveler system update
  • Post-transfer GRR, sameness and correlation
  • Volume production verification
  • Hardware, Program, Checklist, Summary archival
Example Sites and Regions
  • ASE, Amkor, UTAC, Hana, Lingsen, KYEC, Ardentech, Carsem, STATS, OSE, US, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Mexico, Japan
  • Numerous IDMís
  • Any Platform





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