Value Proposition - Improved Quality

STS complements your Quality and Reliability resources with seasoned experts to drive solutions to intractable issues, improve your test regime to prevent returns, reduce or eliminate burn-in, fully analyze and report on root cause of failures, qualify new products and technologies, and characterize/audit your product's performance to spec or customer requirements looking for areas with poor or nonexistant margin. We can also solve yield issues that impact your outgoing quality, and separate these from other yield issues that do not impact quality or reliability. We know what your quality entitlement should be, and can benchmark your product families against this.

Our multi disciplinary team will evaluate your present quality metrics against the technology and design complexity entitlement of your product (and against your customer needs), and find the best opportunities for improvement through rigorous analysis and data mining of your test and manufacturing information. If needed, we will perform fault localization and root cause failure analysis to determine and feed back physical causes, along with recommendations to eliminate or improve failures from these causes.

We have deep knowledge and experience in:

  • Product characterization and corners analysis
  • Design-for-test and design-for-manufacturability implementation
  • Reliability physics and failure mechanisms
  • Reliability testing, qualification, and standards
  • Test and manufacturing data analysis and data mining
  • Wafer fabrication modules and flows
  • Fault localization
  • Physical and electrical failure analysis
  • Defect analysis and reduction

on analog, mixed-signal, SoC, and embedded memory products on any silicon technology. Our experience also spans complex packaging solutions including single, multi-chip, and 3D integration.

Specific STS quality improvement services include:

STS helps you put quality first.


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