Value Proposition - Test Cost Reduction

STS provides a complete suite of expertise for finding and executing significant test cost reduction opportunities that escape less well-rounded teams, and can thus free up your valuable internal resources to concentrate on the next revenue stream. Our worldwide team can optimize any test environment on any platform anywhere you operate, as well as help rework your subcontract test services and vendors through our supply chain management experts. We can benchmark your test costs against world-class, and propose/execute a plan of action that can include, for example:

  • Test insertion and test time reduction
  • Conversion to less costly roadmap test platform
  • Hardware reverse engineering and re-engineering
  • Test relocation
  • Subcontract competitive analysis followed by test cost renegotiation or vendor changes
  • Flexible cost-transparent incremental labor

Our services are available as general consulting or point solutions, and can be deliverables based where you pay for results instead of time.

Specific STS test cost improvement services include:

STS's flexible resources give you an edge without a permanent overhead burden.

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